Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Joy’s 8th Birthday

Joy’s birthday is actually on June 1st, but we had Grandparents coming into town for Memorial Day so we celebrated early!

Today was all about whatever Joy wanted!


She had donuts for breakfast – she and Daddy went out and got them.

2015-05-25 May 26th 002

We all loaded up the van and invaded ToysRUs.  We left her admire all of the toys – and she finally chose two gifts, a large Caillou doll and a Frozen watch.  OK, then. We got her the doll and Grandma bought the watch.  Totally not what I would have gotten her, but she was so happy!

She rode the quarter ride with Caillou and thought that was aweseome!

2015-05-25 may 26 002

We all went to McDonald’s where she got exactly what she wanted – cow pies, syrup, and juice or French Fries, Ketchup, and Soda.

2015-05-25 may 26 0112015-05-25 may 26 0132015-05-25 may 26 009

When we got home we watched Frozen on the big screen.  She loved it!  Bella acted out each scene.

2015-05-25 may 26 015

We had a Frozen cake and ice cream and opened presents from her sisters.

2015-05-25 May 26th 0072015-05-25 May 26th 0082015-05-25 May 26th 0142015-05-25 May 26th 020

2015-05-25 May 26th 0032015-05-25 May 26th 0242015-05-25 May 26th 0152015-05-25 May 26th 0172015-05-25 May 26th 0222015-05-25 May 26th 023

She had a great day and she was so happy!

We love you so much Joy!!  I can’t believe you are eight years old!  How has that much time passed?  Love ya baby girl!!

Birthdays remind me that baby Joy (not Baby, she would tell me) is adopted.  My mind floats over to California, to her Mother and her twin brother.  I hope y’all are well.  I hope Greg’s birthday is a wonderful one. 

We love you Joy Joy!  Happy 8th birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful year!

Friday, May 01, 2015

Derby Parade


Isn’t this fun?  Joy is the purple horse on the left.


They had a parade through the school and the other kids were cheering for them and giving Joy high fives! – so cute!

Happy Derby Day!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Joy’s Week

We drove up to Indianapolis to meet with our Financial Planner.  We are trying to set up our wills and Special Needs Trusts for Joy, Bella, and Alex.  We stopped and got Joy cow pies (french fries) and had a picnic in Indiana.

2015-04-11 April 12 0022015-04-11 April 12 0032015-04-11 April 12 0072015-04-11 April 12 0112015-04-11 April 12 012

After our meeting we went to the Lego store.  So fun!

2015-04-11 April 18 0022015-04-11 April 18 0082015-04-11 April 18 014

Monday Joy went to her first baseball practice!  They have a special needs team!  She is so excited!

2015-04-13 April 18 0142015-04-13 April 18 015

Friday therapy, the Stinker, I mean Joy. We are at therapy for three hours on Fridays.  The girls alternate between OT and ST, and then Bella has PT.  We just hang out in the gym while Bella works that last hour.  To entertain herself this time Joy found a piece of something that they use for therapy for stretching (my Dad used it for his shoulder).  It was alternatively rope to tie up Sammi and a rein for me, the horse. 

2015-04-17 April 18 0032015-04-17 April 18 0092015-04-17 April 18 014

Playing in the water with Lizzy and Nerf Guns with Daddy

2015-04-18 April 18 0182015-04-18 April 18 019

2015-04-18 April 18 0392015-04-18 April 18 0402015-04-18 April 18 046

Becca’s cat went missing.  Joy was so worried.  She asked me about it every day.  She prayed for cat. She knew Becca would be sad.  So the morning that Jacquet showed up again, Joy was so excited!  She said, “Cat! Gecca happy!”

2015-04-17 april 17 001

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Joy still has a hole in her right ear drum. Eventually we’ll have to go in and close it. But she is hesitant to do so now.  She’s afraid she’s close it and then she’ll need more tubes!   So we will go back in four months and see how she is doing.  Basically, keep water out of it and monitor at this point.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Break

For Spring Break, Joy got to attend KITE, a camp through EnTech and Spaulding University.  She worked with a sweet OTA student every day.  She had a fabulous time!  She loved camp!

2015-04-06 April 12 0042015-04-06 April 12 0062015-04-06 April 12 009

On Tuesday they brought in Baxter, the therapy dog.  Joy was in heaven!!

2015-04-07 April 12 0072015-04-07 April 12 009

We found some Sisters Forever shirts with Elsa and Anna on them.  The girls loved them!  It was so fun to dress them in something besides uniforms!

Joy was so proud of her crafts coming home!

2015-04-07 April 12 0112015-04-07 April 12 0142015-04-08 April 18 002

They sent me eCards of all of their fun at camp!

Joy camp

Joy FridayJoy Tuesday

Joy Wednesday

Thank you – We loved camp!!

2015-04-10 April 12 0942015-04-10 April 12 101

Joy and her sisters got to go see the movie Home!  She loved it!

2015-04-09 April 18 007