Friday, September 30, 2016

Aunt Joy

Joy is an Aunt!
She loved meeting her new niece, Eleanor!

Friday, July 29, 2016


We have had the craziest summer – once we moved here and we got all settled, I got incredibly bored!  My babies were in school all day (on the bus at 8AM, and home around 5PM) – what’s a typically crazy busy Mama to do?  So I got a part time job at church.  It was great – around 20 hours a week and flexible.  But I didn’t think about the summer – my job is year round.  Oops!  So my big girls have been taking care of my little girls while I work.

On this day,  I went to work at 4AM, so I could come home and spend the whole day with the little ones.  We had a great time!


Joy loved the car at the grocery store!


Therapy is year round too!!


Cooking with Jessi


Sunday, June 05, 2016

Joy is 9!!

Our celebration of Joy’s birthday this year was quite prolonged.  We knew we couldn’t do much on her actual birthday, so we divided it among many days.

First – Dinner out.  We went to Red Robin because she LOVES French fries and they have the bottomless French fries.  She got that and a Coke and she was a happy girl!

She also loved that you can play games on their little screens there!


They sang to her and gave her a birthday ice cream – she LOVED that!


For an activity – the family went to House of Boom.  There are tons of indoor trampolines – so very fun!


Jessi and Joy made some birthday hats


We took her to pick out her cake – and she hopped right back there to watch them right her name on it!  :)


We took her to Toys R Us – like last year and let her pick out her presents.  I always go in thinking I know what she’ll want, and she always surprises me.

This year I thought it was time for a bike.  But no, she tried out a couple and we did some test runs, and no thank you, she was done.  OK. 

As always it’s this ride she loves the most!



Joy and her presents – Peppa Pig, Baymax (from Big Hero 6), a car toy, and five babies.  She LOVED the babies!




Time for birthday cake!



I brought home pizza on Joy’s birthday – made by Blake!!  (she loved that!)


Happiest birthday sweet girl – we love you so much!!

I’m so glad you are mine!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Joy at school

Joy LOVES school – she gives me fits getting ready EVERY SINGLE morning, but once that bus rolls up, she is all smiles!

Today her teacher sent me these treasures:

We just had a fire drill.  Your girl is on it today.  As soon as the alarm went off (we didn't say anything at all), she immediately jumped up and sprang into action.  She ran and grabbed everyone's jackets since they were laying on the table.  Handed them out and got everyone out safely lol.

Earlier, D fell off the playground.  She ran to his aid and watched intently as we checked him out (he is ok).  B was trying to get all in the mix and she wouldn't let him near D.  She kept pushing him back, saying, "Not now. Not now."  Hilarious.  Then she assisted in walking D back to class (kind of against his will haha)

Such the sweet mother hen.  Love her clip_image001

And a picture from the 100th Day of School!

100th day of school

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Joy’s Week

Joy has started a new thing.  She wakes up in the middle of the night, gets totally dressed, and then goes back to bed.  I have no idea why, but she is.  Sweet girl.

Pulling her babies around in the sleigh


So cute when she naps


This Friday was big sister’s birthday.  Joy adores this sister and asks for her at least once a day.  So we had to call and wake her up with “Happy Birthday to You!” and send several selfies!  Love you sissy!


Friday, November 27, 2015


Playing basketball


Selfies with Mom


Out for Breakfast


Making our own pizzas



She loves watching shows on my phone


Playing blocks waiting for the bus


Pretending to be a waiter


Happy Thanksgiving!


Joy LOVES to decorate for Christmas!