Sunday, May 29, 2011

Joy’s Last Week of Preschool

The crazy things that Joy does – writing on my reminder board, drawing all over herself, and playing Star Wars with her sister.


More things that Joy does – practicing her “J” in shaving cream and helping to wash the van.


Preschool is over!  I was so sad her last day.  This is probably the only time she will be in a classroom with only “typically” developing peers.  She did well.  She grew.  She learned.  I am grateful to her preschool for taking a chance, for trying for Joy.  I am grateful that her teachers loved her.  I am grateful that she had a place where she felt comfortable.  Good-bye Cypress Creek Christian Preschool and Thank You!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Joy’s Week

Having fun with Speech Therapy and eating ice cream with her sisters.IMG_3222IMG_3229

Joy got quite the little goose egg on her noggin. IMG_3234

Since Joy has a summer birthday, we got to celebrate her birthday with her friends at school a little early on Friday.  We brought in chocolate cupcakes for snack.  It was also the Library field trip followed by a pizza party – big day!  Next Friday is the last day of school.  She has grown so much this year!  I am glad that she got to go to a “typical” preschool this year.

may 21 003

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Joy’s Week

Playing in the box with Bella


Sleeping, cute girl      Sammi made Joy this great lunch and they had a picnicIMG_3163IMG_3169

Playing with bubbles and trying to suction herself.  Guess she has seen Bella being suctioned a few times!


Helping Sammi make a sandwich for school and having a tea party for her sistersIMG_3195IMG_3199

Playing with Uncle Nathan’s hats and glasses – too cool!

May 15 003May 15 004

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Joy’s Happy Life


I say it often, but I think Joy has the most beautiful hair!!IMG_3090IMG_3095

Hanging out with sister.  Joy’s favorite things in the world:

strawberry shortcake, blue, and pizza!


Joy loves her ki-cat!                                    Helping sister wash the car in bootsIMG_3142IMG_3117

Playing with her box