Sunday, November 28, 2010

Park, Thanksgiving, and My Family

Playing at the park

november25 016november25 052

My family at the temple


At Grandma’s farm for Thanksgiving.  Joy is asking about Grandma’s chickens.nov 26 029nov 26 036

Sister’s pinata

nov 26 072nov 26 073nov 26 074nov 26 075nov 26 186

All tuckered out after Thanksgiving!nov 26 224

Playing with Sammi – Joy is her Padawan!

nov 26 219nov 26 222

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Joy’s Week

Joy LOVES those car carts at the grocery store!  And she is a very good colorer.nov 17 003nov 17 014

Joy built Mat Man (Handwriting Without Tears) for the first time.  Before now she has just watched.  We were all so proud of her!

nov 17 015nov 17 017nov 17 019nov 17 020

Playing around – she has to watch Strawberry Shortcake at least once a day and parallel playing with Bella.

nov 17 049Nov 21 001

Preschool pictures from this week: An indian, a pilgrim, and a very tired little girl

nov 17 007nov 21 039nov 21 038

I love this – she is developing a sense of humor.  She whispers into your ear some gibberish and then giggles.  She is telling a secret.  Smile

Nov 21 026

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Joy Reading

Here you go ShawnHave fun! 

nov 17 022nov 17 024nov 17 025nov 17 027nov 17 028nov 17 030nov 17 031nov 17 032nov 17 033nov 17 039

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sweet Joy



Yeah for Cookie Dough!






I love Joy’s hair!  I just can’t bring myself to cut it.  The memory I have of Joy’s mother involves long hair.  Her hair was really long – probably to her waist.  I am attempting to French braid.  You would think after six girls, I could do this.  But, no.   I am learning on Joy.

nov 11 233nov 15 001

Joy loves to slide, but hates being dirty!  I thought this second picture was so funny!

nov 11 271nov 11 274

And this picture – I love it!!  Bella doesn’t/can’t eat regular food – but she LOVES tastes!  So if Joy goes in Bella’s room and she’s eating something, she gives Bella a “taste.”  It’s so sweet and they both love it.  She takes whatever it is, pushes it towards Bella, Bella sticks out her tongue, Joy places it on her tongue and then scraps downward a little (the taste), then takes the food back and eats it.  Everyone is happy!  I think it’s adorable!

nov 11 308

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Joy’s Week

I love these pictures – Joy looking at a book.  And then the second one.  She saw that the dog’s dish was empty so she got the bowl, went to the bathroom, got the sack of food, and put the bowl in.  Now she couldn’t figure out how to get it all out again – but I loved all that thinking and planning.  Yeah Joy!nov 7 003IMG_8467

Jessi’s birthday lunch and going downtown with Bella.  Joy was an angel during Bella’s appointments.  We were there four hours and she sat in her stroller the whole time.  I was so grateful!

nov 7 013nov 7 016

Getting balloons at the store the lady just gave Joy this balloon for free.  Joy was so excited!!  She kept saying , “Yes!  Yes!”  And the girls playing together – I love it!!

nov 7 018IMG_8475

She was sick for a couple of days and I was worried about dehydration.  Then I remembered her love obsession with ‘Joust” (juice – her word for soda).  Anything carbonated with a straw is wonderful!  Problem solved. 

And pushing sister on her birthday.  Joy would push her and push her.  Then she would stop and say, “ More or done?”  It made me laugh!


Playing super hero with her sister!