Sunday, March 27, 2011

Joy’s Week



Joy loves her babies so much!




Playing with sister


Tea Party and watching TV from a box:


Joy adores Pizza!  And Joy at school

IMG_2409march 27 003

Saturday I was so busy and Joy couldn’t be with me.  She spent the day with her Daddy.  I bribed her with everything I could – soda, kisses anything.  But she knew I was leaving her and she looked at me with the saddest, heart breaking look.  How I love you Joy.  You are safe and loved forever – it is my promise.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break

march 14 030


What is a girl to do when her sisters are taking forever trying on clothes?  Play ball – right in the middle of the floor. 

She loved this dog at Old Navy.  I need to get one.  Sounds much easier than a real dog!

march 14 032march 14 033march 20 018


This is Joy’s ultimate pleasure – watching Strawberry Shortcake with Strawberry Shortcake while drinking soda from Sonic!




Having fun at home, at the park, and at the Arboretum.

IMG_18703-16-11 0183-16-11 0223-16-11 0303-16-11 0323-16-11 0503-16-11 0513-16-11 0573-16-11 0603-16-11 0913-16-11 162

Playing at Fireman’s Park and enjoying some ice cream.  This girl loves to swing and slide – no time for eating – I have to play!IMG_1940_1IMG_1951_1IMG_1961_1IMG_2222IMG_2033IMG_2106_1IMG_2138IMG_2021IMG_2156IMG_2208IMG_2251_1IMG_2323

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Joy’s Week

march 1 001


Joy only went to school one day this week.  We have been battling a viral thing.  Lots of Strawberry Shortcake and Blue’s Clues around here! 






march 6 003

Painting – Still trying to decide what to do with little Miss for school next year.  Do I contact the school and get her tested so she can go to PPCD next year?  Or do I keep her at home?  Researching on the internet was so exciting!  Birth through third grade is my degree.  The answer will come.




Guess who learned to open the fridge?  Gonna have to watch that!