Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joy in Video

Joy is starting to crawl around on her knees - Wahoo! She is so silly!

This is another of her new things. I don't know what we call it nowadays. We used to call it playing Indian.

Joy Updates

Here are some random pictures of my sweet baby: Enjoy!

Yard Work!

I love this! She has always crossed her ankles. It cracks me up!

Joy is so fun!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Joy is now saying "Hi!" It is SO cute. She has this sweet little voice. She waves her cute little hands and says, "Hi." It's adorable. Of course, she won't perform for the camera, so enjoy Joy and the water bottle (gotta love a hurricane).

Her other words are Mama (sometimes pronounced Nana), Dada, dog, cat, hi, bye.
She also has sounds for the girls, but I'm not sure how to spell them. :)

Joy in the Hurricane

bevo 003

Joy has been doing great during the hurricane.  She has her family and her belly has been full.  She has not seemed to notice anything unusual going on.  She did love having her Poppa home more!  :)

This crazy picture.  Joy is beginning to get up on her arms - yeah Joy!  She'll get up on her arms and then as soon as she starts to move forward, it's down back to the commando crawl.  But it's progress in the right direction and we'll take it!  :) 

The picture tells about our life right now - the bucket holds one of our 72 hour kits (our emergency supplies) and the power cords laying around connect our generator to important things like our fridge!  Life after a hurricane.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Communication Update

Joy had two therapy appointments this week.  Her communication teacher wants us to continue to really push the signs, even though she has a few verbal words.  She says it's just more input going in, more connections for her little brain.  If you are interested in learning some basic sign, here is a good website for Joy's needs:


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

15 month check up

Today Joy went to see Dr. Shirley, her pedi, for her 15 month check up.
She is doing great! He was very pleased. Yeah Joy!

her stats:
19 lb 10 oz (getting close to that 20 lb cut off!) - 75% weight on the DS chart
28 1/2 inches long - 50% length on the DS chart

She got two shots - DTaP and PCV.

I wondered about her teeth- or lack thereof!
He said we aren't going to worry until 18 months. If we still don't have teeth by then, we'll go to the dentist and have an x-ray to make sure we have teeth in there! :) From all of her normal "teething" behavior she has had for the last year, I'm sure they are there. It's just when are they coming out here? :) Time. That's all we need.

Isn't this great? I remember when I used to come home from doctor's appointments with 2 or 3 specialists to go see. Yeah Joy!