Monday, July 10, 2017


So this morning Joy got up, showered, put on jeans and a shirt with words on it. Then she grabbed her hat and made herself a lunch. She then announced she was ready for work and she fully expected me to take her somewhere.

So after the big girls were up, we headed to the church. We cleaned the Primary (children's church) and Relief Society (women's group) rooms and then she ate her sandwich in a classroom.

Well, I vacuumed and Joy helped me empty trash cans. She also played with the microphones and pianos.

Guess we aren't quite ready to work yet!


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Joy’s Post

Joy’s update.  Oh my girl!  The most stubborn, joyful, and loving person I have ever meet!

Joy always wants to be in the center of the action – here we are taking a treat over to our new neighbors.  (She’s holding Alex’s cane for him  :) ).


She LOVES to help.  Holding her sister in the parking lot and helping to put in brother’s car seat.


She LOVES the camera!  And she loves to remember birthdays – she had to send a video to her teacher from last year because she figured it was her birthday (couple months early, but still kind!)

20170221_082053 - Copy20170222_08151320170223_081922 - Copy

She LOVES Room 6 – That is what she calls therapy.  OT is in Room 6.  So every Friday, we wake up so excited for “Room 6!”

20170224_09351720170224_093518 - Copy20170224_09390220170224_094515


She even loves the dentist (she did not get that from me!)  Of course, she has an amazing dentist – Dr Korie!!


I had to take a picture of this – it says “DAD.”  We spilt some salt making cookies and Joy wrote Dad in it.  Very big deal because it’s the first word she has written spontaneously besides JOY!


LOVES being outside  - loves the trampoline, the swings, and hanging out with Bubba!


She is so kind.  She was up before me, so she made me breakfast.

(Too bad it was Fast Sunday Sad smile  (I didn’t tell her!))


And she LOVES school – they work her hard, but she loves it there!


Monday, January 23, 2017

Aunt Joy


Joy loves being an Aunt!  Every day she asks me if Baby Ellie is coming over.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Finally dance class has started again!
And a Happy Meal for dinner- yeah!!