Sunday, November 17, 2013

Joy’s Week

Joy’s scribbles – if you look closely there are some letters emerging!!  She is so proud of herself.  I thought this was such a cute seasons chart with Joy’s hand.  She is so adorable when she sleeps!


These two love to play ball, rolling and taking it from each other.  LOVE seeing them being friends!


I hemmed Joy’s pants.  With Down syndrome comes a long torso, but shorter arms and legs.  As Joy would say, “I did it!”  I watched a YouTube on it, and then hemmed her pants for school.  Only about a million more shirts and pants to go!

These two putting on a concert for us!  Joy loves music!


It was a sick week.  We passed around a bug.  She is so cute!


Our Joy is looking so grown up and so tall lately!  Jumping because she is always so excited!


Kris and Zachary stopped by.  He really is such a cute little guy!  Joy was fascinated by him and kept signing and saying “baby!”


All dressed up for sisters’ piano recital.  Note to self:  Joy isn’t ready yet for piano recitals.  Sitting quietly for that long – no way!  Oh well, it was worth a try!  At least she looked cute.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Joy’s Two Weeks

Guess who is a Daisy Girl Scout?  At the investiture –

So excited about her troop – there are actually two little beauties with DS.



Monday night we went to the Special Needs support group.  The big kids put together a dance. 

Joy makes me laugh with her pretend!   Playing the Wii


Young Athletes program at school.  It is a pre-Special Olympics program that they put on at the schools.  So fun to see Joy at school.  I loved watching the dynamics of school, to see her world.  Lizzy came out to cheer her sister on!  Love that!



photo 3 (4)The Buddy Walk – we went downtown to the Reliant Stadium.  There were a few games and some fun food choices.  We loved the food truck – the Monster PBJ.    So fun!!  Joy was so cute standing there handing him her money!   We lasted for two and a half hours.  Joy  loved everyone that was cheering for her!





photo 1photo 3 (3)photo 4 (3)

After dropping off the littles for their naps, Jason took the girls out for frozen yogurt.

photo 2

Joy LOVES that dog.        Cute Joy drawing outside – love her jacket!


Halloween!!  Joy was so excited!  She ran full tilt up to each house.  She fell three times – so sad, she skinned her knees.  But she had a great time!



Look!  She’s No-Noggin from Curious George!    She loves her mustard and bread – loved that she brought it to me on a tray!


Playing with sister


Playing outside on a beautiful Saturday afternoon


Oh Joy!  And with a Sharpie!!!


She likes to lay on my bed and watch the ipad while eating her snack – thought I would bring down the toddler bed and see if we can get her to entertain herself there and spare me the crumbs!!