Sunday, February 02, 2014

Joy’s Week

Klein cancelled school again on Tuesday.  Fun times!


Oh my Joy – she is one active girl!  Friday all I did was clean up one fun project after another.  She decided the dog needed a bath.  Poor Patches, she puts up with so much!   Then I turned around later to find Joy eating ice cream on the couch straight from the container.  Baby girl!  I need a fridge lock!   Joy took this picture of Bella.


We got a GI bug in our house.  I had four that caught it.  Lots of laundry!!  Grateful for the washer and dryer!   Poor Joy.  When she stops moving, you know something is wrong!

Bella was resting on the couch and Joy decided to bring her a “couch picnic.” (Daniel Tiger reference)  I thought it was very sweet.


Joy and Lizzy playing Babysitting Mama on the Wii.  Joy loves that she gets to hold her baby!