Sunday, February 28, 2010

Playing with Cousins

Cyndi came to visit!  Joy loved playing with her cousins – particulary Michael!  A tea party with Jessi before the cousins came. 

feb 28 017 feb 28 020 

The junk food queen was in heaven with the Doritos!  The girls included her in their game of Red Rover.

 feb 28 035 feb 28 038

Playing with Michael on the Trampoline and then at the park.feb 28 059 feb 28 074

                                                                                                 I love you Michael!feb 28 078feb 28 104

There are times I wonder if Joy misses, on some deep level, her twin brother.  Days like yesterday really make me miss her brother too.

 feb 28 099 feb 28 111

We wore her out!  What a great day!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Preschool Screening

AHHH!! My school district just called – in two weeks Joy has her preschool screening!  They called her Abigail – first thing we’ll have to fix :)

How did she get old enough for this?

JOY 003 feb 23 075

Sweet and Crazy Joy

feb 22 005 feb 22 006 feb 23 024feb 23 038

She took Bella’s hand and was teaching her how to read a book!  Love it!feb 23 001 feb 23 005


Helping the paramedics with the gurney and pushing sister!

  feb 23 037  feb 23 049 feb 23 056


Joy and her very favorite thing in the entire world - “ki-cat!”

Safety First!

Joy loves being outside and going bye-bye!  She has figured out the front door and the back gate.  That is enough for this Mama’s heart to stop – often!!  So off  I went to Home Depot and found a few safety features.    So pull and lament all you want little one – you are now safe!  Thank goodness!!!  We love you Joy!  You are too smart for your own good.  :)

feb 18 016 feb 18 017 feb 18 019 feb 18 021 feb 18 022

I love my sister!

feb 18 005 feb 18 006 feb 18 010

Therapy is fun and LOOK!!!

feb 15 026

Having a tea party with teddy bear!

 feb 15 029 feb 15 030


LOOK!!  Look!  She has started, all on her own, I might add – trying to WALK up the stairs!  Oh my goodness I am proud of her!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Therapy

I thought I’d post a few more therapy pictures.  Joy is doing great!  Everyone thinks she is going to do so well in school.  I am freaking out at the idea, but doing everything I can to make sure she will succeed.feb 13 006  feb 13 009

She wants to hold everyone now.  She is trying to hold Lizzy in this first picture.  (Lizzy had just woken up)  She wants to hold Bella all the time!

feb 13 059feb 13 061

Valentine’s!!  Joy loved the candy ring Grandma gave her!

feb 14 003 feb 14 008 feb 14 009

Working with Daddy – on Starfall and with puzzlesfeb 14 011 feb 13 086