Sunday, July 31, 2011

Joy’s Week

Joy got ahold of a chunk of meat.  She loves to walk around gnawing it.  Too bad that’s not OK.  Smile  How Joy adores her sister!


Playing.      She played with these jars of peanut butter for over half an hour.


I am so proud of her and all of her jumping forward!  See my shoes?  She has to jump over them.  I love her face!


The girls playing school – Joy eating the remnants of a Fritos bag. 

The girls playing Wii – Joy right in there with them.IMG_3928IMG_3935

It’s exhausting being this cute!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Joy’s Week

Joy has been watching her sisters practice their instruments.  So she found Sammi’s old guitar and turned it around and made it into a violin.  She is so smart!  Becca decided that she was ready for a violin lesson.    She is so cute!IMG_3861Joy and the violin

This is Joy’s spot – the Pooh chair.  When the whole family is watching TV, that is where you will find Joy.  Unless Daddy is not home, then she claims his chair.  Now you know.


Playing in the rain with her sister.



More therapy.  She loves PT because she and Lizzy usually do it together.  They have a lot of fun!


Today and last night our Joy has been vomiting.  I’m hoping she’ll start to feel better soon.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Joy’s Week

July 17 001 - CopyJoy had to have one cap and four cavitites filled.  The dentist gave us some new toothpaste and mints that contain xylitol to help prevent future cavities.  Her teetch are just so soft. 

The demerol and laughing gas wore off and we was all for playing.  (And no, she isn’t naked – she is wearing a diaper.  It’s just hard to see in that picture!)





More therapy shots – she is really getting good at jumping!


Playing outside


Joy adores her sissy!

IMG_3834IMG_3837July 17 014

Off to the store with her boots and her magnifying glass!  Someone has been watching a lot of Blue’s Clues!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Joy’s Week

Out to lunch                                                                         Cool shades

July 10 021IMG_3741

Feeding her baby                            Being so cute with her new backpack

IMG_3757July 10 022

Playing blocks with her sisters and cousin      Jammin to musicIMG_3766IMG_3768

Playing out in her house                   Hi world!


Therapy shots – OT with lines and curves from Handwriting Without Tears and learning to swing (the pump/pull motion) with PTIMG_3771IMG_3777IMG_3803


Joy’s new Stroller/Push Chair finally came in!  She is thrilled!!  Two thumbs up!!






School update: I sent in the request to have Joy tested so she can qualify for the PPCD program.  But I am so torn.  Her PT supervisor stopped by to update her goals.  She hasn’t seen her since school got out.  Her unsolicited statement?  “Wow  - Joy looks so happy and relaxed since school got out.”  Sigh!  My little sister thinks I should let the school try with her.  How I worry.  She copies everything!  How I stand, where I put my hands.  I have to remind her therapists all the time – you are touching your face because they are trying to figure out what she is doing.  She is a mirror to those around her.  What is school going to be like?  I don’t know.  I do know that we would like a new baby in this house in the next year or so.  Where is the best place for you Joy?  I want to do the right thing for you!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Who knew?

I was going through some old pictures of Bella and found this picture of Baby Joy the day after we brought Bella home from California.  She is playing with the stethoscope.

jan 29 077

Who knew we would still be playing with stethoscopes two and a half years later?


She has grown up so much!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Joy’s Week

Such a fashion statement!  She learns so much from the nurses!


Therapy is a family affair.  Especially in the summer.  She does so much better when she has her sisters to encourage her.


Playing Apples to Apples with her sisters – and the surprising thing is she almost won!


At Kroger – she loves those little carts!  She is fast.  She saw ice cream cones and quick as a wink they were in the cart and she was off to the next item.  A girl after my own heart – go for the basics!

july 3 015

At cousin Sammy’s birthday party.  She loves to swim.

july 3 025july 3 028