Sunday, January 30, 2011

Joy’s Week

Hanging out with sissy and reading one of her favorite books, Ponyo.  And ice cream.  She loves ice cream!


Working on pouring.  Her therapist bought a pretend coffee maker over.  It is perfect to practice with.  She got pretty wet.  Fun day.IMG_0558IMG_0559

More crackers please – all the time please!  She loves them!  And working on her abs.  Her therapist is very impressed with her tone.  Yeah Joy!IMG_0573 - CopyIMG_0589

Playing outside with her sisters and helping Daddy build our new raised bed garden


Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Joy



Playing on the Wii with Jessi.  She’s still young enough she doesn’t know that her Wii remote isn’t turned on.  Wonder how long that will last?



Joy loved this ball her OT brought.  She thought it was the best thing ever!


Really, I cannot explain how much Joy loves pizza.  She says and signs PIZZA.  She can out eat me!


jan 23 001


ENT return visit.  Well……she is still failing the acoustic test and they want the sedated ABR.  I’m not excited about it at all.  I spoke with her Speech Therapist about it.  To do it or not to do it.  At least if we do it, we’ll know for sure how she is hearing and whether or not she needs any amplification.




And her OT wants to order her a pediatric stroller.  The one she has in mind will work until she is 120 pounds.  My 15 year old is not excited about it.  She says it’ll make her look handicapped.  Interesting perspective from a 15 year old.  She says right now she just looks cute.  Put her in that thing, and she changes.  Hmmm….. I need to be able to go out in public.  She is getting too big and heavy to just hold her every where we go.  And if she wants to get down and run or wants to touch something she’s not supposed to, that stubbornness comes out and my, she can get hard to hold onto.  DME is coming out on February 3rd to talk about it.

The video is dark.  Sorry.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Joy’s Week

Who needs toys when you have alcohol prep pads to play with?jan 16 008

Walking in Daddy’s shoes

jan 16 018

Riding home from the dentist.  Poor Joy had to have two cavities filled.  She was so brave.  They gave her a little Demerol and she never moved for the whole thing.  They were so impressed!  She was a bit tired for the rest of the day though. 

jan 16 032

Kris who took care of the girls while Bella and I lived in the hospital forever, got married on Friday.  Here is our sweet Joy dancing at the reception.

jan 16 049jan 16 058

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Jumping Joy

Back to School and Life

We are seriously starting the process of habit training Joy.  We have our charts and school is on board.  Every hour we check to see if Joy is wet or dry.  We have big girl panties that she wears under her diaper so she can feel it as well (diapers are just so good about whisking that moisture away).  It’s a long process, but we have begun.  I caught Joy changing her babies and thought it was so cute – especially the extend to which she goes.  Every step – just like me.  jan 9 013jan 9 059jan 9 051

Joy didn’t go to the last day of school before the holidays because of Bella’s surgery, so we got this on Monday.  Oh, I just love it!

jan 9 015

Joy loves to draw – she told me she drew a chicken.  Really?  I didn’t know that she was cognitively there yet.  She blows my expectations away.

Meeting our friend’s new baby girl – Joy LOVES babies.

jan 9 053jan 9 068

In between games at sister’s basketball game on Saturday.  She had just sat through one whole game.  She wanted to play!  The funniest was when she tried to shot a basket.  She is just too short right now.  Just give it a couple of years Joy.  You’ll do it!  I have no doubt!

jan 9 097jan 9 098

At the museum.  We made a craft modeled after an exhibit – and here is Joy’s.jan 9 112jan 9 116

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

To Keep Me Humble

A while back I got a letter from Joy's ENT. It was time for her next hearing test. Honestly, I thought, "What a waste of time." Fast forward to today when we actually had that hearing test.
Her left ear was normal - good. Her right ear - flat line. Repeat test. Several times. Try different types of tests. Sigh deeply and be grateful that we kept the appointment.
The ENT says that she has an ear infection - which she did not have when we went to her pedi right before Christmas. She has given me no signs that her ear hurt or anything. We'll treat the infection and go back in two weeks. She also wants a sedated ABR. I don't know. If the meds clear up the ear infection and her repeat hearing test comes back normally, I'd rather not put her under.
Anyway, grateful I called and made that appointment - and for the record - it was not a waste of time.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Big Changes!

jan 2 028


Joy jumped!  A real jump!

We have worked for the last 18 months teaching Joy HOW to do this! 

She did it!  She did it!!




Joy adores her sister and her sister is feeling better and stronger right now – so they can play!  Yeah!

jan 2 040jan 2 051

Working so hard in PT:

jan 2 084jan 2 085jan 2 086jan 2 090


Joy loves Blue’s Clues and she got this very cool book for Christmas – she LOVES it!




New Year's Eve – at a party with her cousin.  And Joy stayed up till midnight to bring in the New Year.  Sleep, what’s that?

jan 2 098jan 2 136

And I did it – I cut Joy’s hair.  Her first professional haircut.  I almost cried.  The lady that cut her hair couldn’t believe how much hair she had at three!  She said it’ll only get thicker as she grows.  Her hair does look really pretty – kinda cleaned up a little.

jan 2 121jan 2 122jan 2 127jan 2 131jan 2 110jan 2 109