Sunday, January 02, 2011

Big Changes!

jan 2 028


Joy jumped!  A real jump!

We have worked for the last 18 months teaching Joy HOW to do this! 

She did it!  She did it!!




Joy adores her sister and her sister is feeling better and stronger right now – so they can play!  Yeah!

jan 2 040jan 2 051

Working so hard in PT:

jan 2 084jan 2 085jan 2 086jan 2 090


Joy loves Blue’s Clues and she got this very cool book for Christmas – she LOVES it!




New Year's Eve – at a party with her cousin.  And Joy stayed up till midnight to bring in the New Year.  Sleep, what’s that?

jan 2 098jan 2 136

And I did it – I cut Joy’s hair.  Her first professional haircut.  I almost cried.  The lady that cut her hair couldn’t believe how much hair she had at three!  She said it’ll only get thicker as she grows.  Her hair does look really pretty – kinda cleaned up a little.

jan 2 121jan 2 122jan 2 127jan 2 131jan 2 110jan 2 109

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