Sunday, January 09, 2011

Back to School and Life

We are seriously starting the process of habit training Joy.  We have our charts and school is on board.  Every hour we check to see if Joy is wet or dry.  We have big girl panties that she wears under her diaper so she can feel it as well (diapers are just so good about whisking that moisture away).  It’s a long process, but we have begun.  I caught Joy changing her babies and thought it was so cute – especially the extend to which she goes.  Every step – just like me.  jan 9 013jan 9 059jan 9 051

Joy didn’t go to the last day of school before the holidays because of Bella’s surgery, so we got this on Monday.  Oh, I just love it!

jan 9 015

Joy loves to draw – she told me she drew a chicken.  Really?  I didn’t know that she was cognitively there yet.  She blows my expectations away.

Meeting our friend’s new baby girl – Joy LOVES babies.

jan 9 053jan 9 068

In between games at sister’s basketball game on Saturday.  She had just sat through one whole game.  She wanted to play!  The funniest was when she tried to shot a basket.  She is just too short right now.  Just give it a couple of years Joy.  You’ll do it!  I have no doubt!

jan 9 097jan 9 098

At the museum.  We made a craft modeled after an exhibit – and here is Joy’s.jan 9 112jan 9 116

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