Sunday, May 27, 2012

Joy’s Week

My sweet girl – what a week we have had.  Joy is being re-zoned to another school for next year.  Everyone told me that the special ed kids get tossed around the district depending on numbers.  Every year a different school.  So far that is holding true for us.  We are headed to Brill next year.  Then at church the Primary President (leader of children’s church) called.  They were working on getting Joy a special adult helper, but they are having difficulties.  Would I mind moving her to another class so things will work out easier?  No, of course not.  I’m sure everything will work out fine I told her.  But both of those things in one week just got to me.  Can’t anyone else see the amazing girl we have here?  Or am I just being sensitive and no one means to treat her like a second class citizen.  Just touchy, I guess.

Happier happenings…just cute drinking her milk, playing Duck, Duck, Goose, and catching the world!


Playing dress up and swinging in therapy


Joy adores her brother!  He loves her back!


Joy took this picture of Jessi                Joy loves the new puppies – she is outside all the time now!IMG_9076IMG_9058

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Joy’s Week

Therapy  - to learn to stand on one foot   Singing with her sisters.  Cuddling while they do school work.

May 20 007May 20 016May 20 029

So cute  during Speech         Loving on her brother                       Art work from school

May 20 030May 20 035May 20 077

Our new puppy

May 20 043May 20 044May 20 047



Sunday, May 13, 2012

Joy’s Week

Dentist on a Monday for Joy.  I actually took everyone – here they are watching TV, except Joy, who loves the ipad!.  Poor drugged Joy afterwards.  She had two fillings and a crown.


PT – is it any wonder why she loves Miss Lien?  They get to play for an hour every week!

may 13 032

Playing around with her sisters – Wii dancing and dolls!

may 13 035may 13 004

Joy took this mess and sorted it to this.  So proud of you Joy!

may 13 056may 13 057

may 13 082

This picture!  I love it!  Joy love hats – adores them!  And babies.  She loves those too.  She has been practicing how to say “cowboy” lately.

Nothing makes Joy happier than a quick “brown juice.”


Joy brought these home from school – so sweet

may 13 096may 13 097may 13 099

She sees Bella and Alex on this nap nanny all the time.  So she had to take her turn.

Her bear – she wanted him to wear pajamas so she could put him to bed.  You are pretty cute, my Joy!

may 13 101may 13 102

Saturday we drove up to the farm.  Grandma’s puppies are so cute!!


Sunday, May 06, 2012

Joy’s Week

OT started Joy on an auditory listening program.  Joy loves it! 

While she is listening, she is also doing other activities, in this case sorting by color.


Working with Speech                 Family  - Joy, some of her sisters, her brother and her cousin


Joy went with Becca to her Latin Awards Ceremony – the best part, according to Joy,  besides the clapping, was the refreshments!   Joy, her baby, and the ipad,    Changing things up the next time in OT – this time sorting by a different attribute.

May 6 010047038

Joy has been asking and asking and asking for Pizza!!!  every Friday.  We finally had pizza for dinner – one happy girl!                                             Joy and her Daddy


Cousins came over on Saturday – jumping and sharing a snack