Sunday, May 27, 2012

Joy’s Week

My sweet girl – what a week we have had.  Joy is being re-zoned to another school for next year.  Everyone told me that the special ed kids get tossed around the district depending on numbers.  Every year a different school.  So far that is holding true for us.  We are headed to Brill next year.  Then at church the Primary President (leader of children’s church) called.  They were working on getting Joy a special adult helper, but they are having difficulties.  Would I mind moving her to another class so things will work out easier?  No, of course not.  I’m sure everything will work out fine I told her.  But both of those things in one week just got to me.  Can’t anyone else see the amazing girl we have here?  Or am I just being sensitive and no one means to treat her like a second class citizen.  Just touchy, I guess.

Happier happenings…just cute drinking her milk, playing Duck, Duck, Goose, and catching the world!


Playing dress up and swinging in therapy


Joy adores her brother!  He loves her back!


Joy took this picture of Jessi                Joy loves the new puppies – she is outside all the time now!IMG_9076IMG_9058

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