Sunday, June 03, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Joy!

My big girl turned five this week.  Joy has been an amazing part of our lives for five years now.  I love you Joy!

Doughnuts for breakfast!  So thrilling!

June 3 013June 3 014June 3 015

Picking out her cake!    At Target with popcorn and an icee!  This is the life!

June 3 016June 3 019

McDonald’s for dinner!

June 3 023June 3 025

June 3 027June 3 029

Presents..she did the unwrapping by herself this year!


Cake..she was so excited!


Happy 5th Birthday my Joy!


The rest of the week…

Joy loves the puppies.  She spends the most time with them.  She loves to be outside!IMG_9178IMG_9116

Presents for teachers, aides, bus drivers   Headed to school on the last dayIMG_9119June 3 006

Joy’s amazing teachers!  How we will miss them next year!


OT – jumping, ST – PLS 4, reeval time


Playing with the kids and their friends       Enjoying pizza with Grandpa!


Getting off the bus on the last day of school.  Good-bye 2011-2012


Random Joyness

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