Sunday, June 17, 2012

The First Half of June

Looking through these pictures, I am reminded what a happy kid Joy is.  Sure, she has an extra dose of stubbornness and willfulness, but for the most part, she is a happy, loving little girl.

Hanging out with the puppies…Kissing sister’s hand

June 17 258June 17 259June 17 260

Therapy – she gathers the rings as she walks up the stairs (we are working on walking up without holding onto something) then she tosses them down to her therapist.  While I do my writing, she is doing her writing practice.  My cute Joy.  And finally Joy with her little brother.  How she loves him! 

June 17 276June 17 289June 17 305June 17 310

Birthday money bought Joy…..this cute necklace…it’s hard to see, but it’s a J and she got a boom box.

June 17 277June 17 278June 17 288

Early one morning, Joy couldn’t get into the dog food.  Oh well, now she can.  She is very attentive to the needs of the puppies and making sure that they get feed!

June 17 299June 17 306

Chasing Spike to get OFF the trampoline.  The puppies used to be so little!  But she still wants to hold them!

June 17 300June 17 312

Life skills – peeling a carrot!

June 17 313June 17 314

Sisters                                                 Jumping!

June 17 332June 17 335

Playing                                                  Dress up

June 17 292June 17 341

Playing with sisters and friends               Phonics with sister

June 17 347June 17 351

Ready for her 5 year old check-up.  (We painted her finger nails)  She is doing great! 38 lb 39 in tall.  She is in the 70-75 % on the DS charts.  We have to go get her thyroid checked and get an x-ray of her neck.  Both are just standard DS protocol.

June 17 345June 17 346

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

June 17 362

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