Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Rest of March

ipad in therapy – always fun!                 Loving on her swaddled doll                   She is a great jumper!march 25 005march 25 009march 25 041

Such a pretty girl                                  who loves her brother!

march 25 042April 1 2012 007

hi Alex!                                               Bella asking Joy for Signing Time on the ipadApril 1 2012 013April 1 2012 030

Chalk drawing                                      Pretending                         She loves hats!

 April 1 2012 033April 1 2012 037April 1 2012 069

She likes to wake Bella up in the morning          Tea party time

April 1 2012 072April 1 2012 077

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My new brother, Alex

On March 20th, Mama brought home my new brother, Alex! 

March 21 101March 21 109

Joy is so sweet with him and wants to hold him all the time!

March 21 113March 21 122

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Some weeks she is just so cute!

This has been one of those weeks!

Playing…She will disappear and I will panic, only to find her playing house with her babies.

March 2 003March 2 005

Just because she is so cute!

March 2 013March 2 021

Playing dress up with sisters

march 4 027march 4 030

Rocking her baby and writing all over my Saturday list!

march 4 043march 4 045

Taking care of baby…Big sister made her a trach doll

photo (14)photo (15)

She discovered this hat and walked into the living room going “Ho,ho, ho.”  Big sister recorded her.

On Saturday she scared me to death!  I looked up and couldn’t find her – anywhere!  We searched everywhere.  Everyone searched everywhere.  Mama is panicking now, praying and crying.  Sister found her in the top bunk, with the covers pulled up, asleep.  Oh baby girl!  I was so scared.  I am so grateful that she was OK.  We love you, Joy!  I can’t imagine life without her!