Sunday, March 04, 2012

Some weeks she is just so cute!

This has been one of those weeks!

Playing…She will disappear and I will panic, only to find her playing house with her babies.

March 2 003March 2 005

Just because she is so cute!

March 2 013March 2 021

Playing dress up with sisters

march 4 027march 4 030

Rocking her baby and writing all over my Saturday list!

march 4 043march 4 045

Taking care of baby…Big sister made her a trach doll

photo (14)photo (15)

She discovered this hat and walked into the living room going “Ho,ho, ho.”  Big sister recorded her.

On Saturday she scared me to death!  I looked up and couldn’t find her – anywhere!  We searched everywhere.  Everyone searched everywhere.  Mama is panicking now, praying and crying.  Sister found her in the top bunk, with the covers pulled up, asleep.  Oh baby girl!  I was so scared.  I am so grateful that she was OK.  We love you, Joy!  I can’t imagine life without her!

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