Sunday, October 30, 2011

Having fun this week!

Checking out what you can see with a flashlight!  Very cool!  Going for a walk with sister


Bubbles!!                                                           See our pumpkins?IMG_5320IMG_5335

Playing outside:  Her Atlas interpretation, Sliding and so pretty!IMG_5348IMG_5349IMG_5350

So cute!   Love a sleeping baby!     She spilled her popcorn on the floor and then she got down there and started blowing on it like she does with cotton balls – someone has had a lot of Speech!


Reading with sister


Our Neighbor’s Halloween Carnival

Our costumes                                                   Our neighbor was dressed as a great witch, but she was terrified – she crawled up into Jack’s lap and hid her face.  Poor thing!IMG_5389IMG_5390

Playing games and having fun!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Joy’s Week

That is the app from Down Syndrome Education International.  We have the cards to do it on paper.  Joy did it that way, but this is so much cooler!  I like it!

Watching TV, reading books, swinging, dancing, and playing the viola

oct 24 001oct 24 012oct 24 005oct 24 038oct 24 106

Church Fall Festival – so fun (and I forgot my camera, oh, how could I?)  She was so cute.  Once she figured how how trunk or treating worked, she loved it!  Her little “ank you” was so cute!

oct 24 111oct 24 114

Trying to hook herself up to the vent like sister.                   Poor Joy – she gets hauled everywhere.  This is how I found her when we got home one afternoon.  She is belted, believe it or not.  She has just manipulated those belts till she could curl up in a ball and go to sleep.

 oct 24 115oct 24 121

She has learned to say sorry – “tar E” she says.  It’s so cute!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Joy’s Week

Joy has learned how to put Bella's circuit back on after Bella pulls it off– I think it’s great!

oct 16 001

Playing outside

oct 16 002oct 16 048oct 16 053

Music – the harmonica and listening to tunes with Sisteroct 16 017oct 16 086

Therapy and watching TV while petting the cat

oct 16 021oct 16 026

A friend’s birthday party – so much fun!

oct 16 039oct 16 049

McDonald’s and hanging out with sister

oct 16 100oct 16 030oct 16 103

Joy loves fruit – I ran out on Friday. 

“Mama!  Apple!” she told me with great sorrow.  Saturday, after shopping, she was much happier.  It doesn’t help that she can open the fridge and help herself!  Smile

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Joy’s Week

Joy has been sick this week.  She stayed home from school on Wednesday.

A neighbor gave Joy this picture of Curious George.  She loves that show!october 8 004

Moms and muffins at the girl’s school

october 8 011

Look who is learning to cut!

october 8 014

I took some pictures of Bella and Joy wanted to get into the act!

october 8 030october 8 031

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Joy’s Week

Playing train with sister

October 2 289 - CopyOctober 2 291

Playing with her baby and Daddy’s iPad

October 2 297October 2 302

Jumping and jumping and jumping

October 2 306October 2 308October 2 312October 2 332

More playing

October 2 316October 2 370

Have I ever mentioned how much I love her hair???

October 2 319October 2 323

October 2 328October 2 329

Sleeping in Bella’s bed

October 2 394

I’m ready for Halloween!

October 2 424October 2 426