Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Joy’s Week

I just think she looks cute in a hooded towel!  I caught her washing dishes.  What a clean house I am going to have one day!


Her Valentine Day’s treats


I was doing PT with Bella and all of a sudden there was Joy covered in a white powdery substance.  I assumed it was flour.  No, she had taken a box of corn starch and emptied it into a container and then played with it.  So fun to clean up!

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At sister’s birthday party….piƱata time and Just Dance 3

feb 19 226feb 19 240

Swinging with her sisters………..…..sometimes ya just gotta dress up!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Joy’s Week

Playing with sister


LOVES that cat!


Playing around


So proud of her!!


love this picture – I asked her, “Where is Joy?” and she answered, “Here I am”  Love that she is talking more and more


Sister got a Bearded Dragon for her birthday.  Joy loves it!  There is a lot of “lizard” signing going on around here!

photo (11)IMG_7352

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Joy’s Week



Joy loves our friend’s dog


Sweet girl – I looked outside where everyone was playing.  Joy was making these weird faces.  I ran out and sadly discovered that Joy was covered in fire ants (in January!!)!  The poor thing.  She was just sitting there as they bite her and bite her.  I striped her, ran inside, and gave her a quick bath.  She was already reacting, so some Benadryl to the rescue!


Some school work


Playing around with friends, giant teddy bears, and sisters



Pretending to be asleep                               Watching the Friday night movieIMG_7289IMG_7292

Becca teaching Joy how to avoid the camera – growl!  But I win in the end!  How can I help it?   They were so cute snuggled up together!