Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Week

PT – This was Joy’s last official visit.  Playing with her sister


OT –

IMG_1872oct 28 009

Being Joy – playing with her puppy and her sister, wearing her autumn crown, showing me her warm clothing

IMG_1877oct 28 004IMG_1891

Our Church’s Fall Festival

Daddy – tourist, Shelly – medieval maiden, Bec – nurse, Sam – witch, Jes – princess, Liz – vampire, Joy – bumble bee, Alex – baseball player


Joy had a lot of fun and brought home lots of candy!  This year her sisters let her play the trading game afterwards.

photo (13)photo (16)photo (17)

Jason, Joy, Bella, Alex, and I drove down town to visit with some friends who were in town visiting.  We were delighted to finally meet in person our blog friends, Joyce and Sarah Ely.  Joyce was so sweet with Joy!  Joy liked that Joyce’s name is Joy plus a /s/ sound.

photo (7)IMG_1910

After we got home, we headed over to our neighbor’s Annual Halloween Party.  It is always so much fun and we are so grateful we get invited!  Joy had a blast!

photo (22)photo (20)photo (19)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Joy’s Week

In PT we have been working on riding her trike.  She was doing so well, and then she fell.  It was so crazy – it happened so slowly.  Just like watching it in slow motion.  She ended up scraping up her face.  On Friday she hopped right back on and tried again.  Way to go Joy!

We have decided to dismiss Joy from PT.  She is doing really well.  If we see something we need to work on, we can add PT back in, but for now, I am content with how she is doing.


Joy’s life is about having a good time – playing with Sammi, outside with her baby, and playing with sisters


She loves to push her brother in the swing          Waiting during sister’s soccer game


Joy loves her Adaptive Dance Class.  Her big sister likes that they match!

oct 21 012oct 21 013IMG_1824


Playing on sister’s harp and playing around on the piano with Bella


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Joy’s Week


Sister had to take Joy to Ballet on Saturday.  She is loving her class!  I can’t WAIT to get to see them perform!


Joy and her beloved puppy!


Coloring pictures with her sisters


My Joy – she would live on bread and apples if I let her! 


Howdy there world!