Friday, January 29, 2016

Joy at school

Joy LOVES school – she gives me fits getting ready EVERY SINGLE morning, but once that bus rolls up, she is all smiles!

Today her teacher sent me these treasures:

We just had a fire drill.  Your girl is on it today.  As soon as the alarm went off (we didn't say anything at all), she immediately jumped up and sprang into action.  She ran and grabbed everyone's jackets since they were laying on the table.  Handed them out and got everyone out safely lol.

Earlier, D fell off the playground.  She ran to his aid and watched intently as we checked him out (he is ok).  B was trying to get all in the mix and she wouldn't let him near D.  She kept pushing him back, saying, "Not now. Not now."  Hilarious.  Then she assisted in walking D back to class (kind of against his will haha)

Such the sweet mother hen.  Love her clip_image001

And a picture from the 100th Day of School!

100th day of school