Sunday, May 25, 2014

Joy’s Week

It’s official!  The house is on the market.  Praying for the right buyer!


Monday was Joy’s ARD.  The committee was so kind.  Everyone loves Joy.  How grateful I am for that!  Every morning she jumps out of the van into the arms of her aide with a huge smile.  Love them!  The committee took great care to word everything in her IEP so her new team would understand her strengths and some strategies to work on her weaknesses.  I seriously wish we could clone her team here and bring them with us!  So grateful for them and the wonderful year Joy has had!

Doing pedicures with sister


Going to the beach with the family

We ate at Benno’s. Joy is signing “wait.”  We played a waiting game while we waited for our food.  It’s a memory game and she did great!


At the beach – she was so excited, she couldn’t wait for her bathing suit!



Sunday, May 18, 2014

Joy’s Week

Up at Grandma’s Farm playing with kittens


Field Day!!


Wearing Sister’s college shirt


Playing with a ribbon and a kitten


Joy’s Mother’s Day gifts for me!  Love ya Joy!


Boba with sissy


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Joy’s Week



    We have a little announcement! 

    We are moving to Kentucky.  We are hoping to move some time this summer.  We just have to sell our house.






With all of the remodeling, we were sleeping in the living room.  Poor sister got sick.  Joy is the most tenderhearted soul.  If someone is sick, she carefully tends to them and worries over them.


For teacher appreciation week, we made banana bread with chocolate chips and bought soaps for all of the teachers and aids.            Joy tucking Daddy in.                Donuts when the kitchen is being worked on.


Helping Daddy pack a box.      Hanging out with sister.           Big sister brought home a new dress for Joy.  It has ice cream all over it!  “So cute!” she said!


Joy went to the beach – so loves it!



Ice cream with sisters

photo 1 (3)photo

Mexican food out with the family. (can you tell our kitchen is being re-done?)  

Hanging with Bella

photo 1 (5)photo 4 (3)

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Joy’s Week

Joy LOVES green apples!      Working on lifting that tongue!     PIZZA!

I was realizing how many pictures of Joy involve food!                                           


At the tire park


Waiting for big sister to get home from college – “directing” sister while she sings and finally Becca is home!IMG_9584IMG_9591