Sunday, May 25, 2014

Joy’s Week

It’s official!  The house is on the market.  Praying for the right buyer!


Monday was Joy’s ARD.  The committee was so kind.  Everyone loves Joy.  How grateful I am for that!  Every morning she jumps out of the van into the arms of her aide with a huge smile.  Love them!  The committee took great care to word everything in her IEP so her new team would understand her strengths and some strategies to work on her weaknesses.  I seriously wish we could clone her team here and bring them with us!  So grateful for them and the wonderful year Joy has had!

Doing pedicures with sister


Going to the beach with the family

We ate at Benno’s. Joy is signing “wait.”  We played a waiting game while we waited for our food.  It’s a memory game and she did great!


At the beach – she was so excited, she couldn’t wait for her bathing suit!



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