Sunday, October 16, 2011

Joy’s Week

Joy has learned how to put Bella's circuit back on after Bella pulls it off– I think it’s great!

oct 16 001

Playing outside

oct 16 002oct 16 048oct 16 053

Music – the harmonica and listening to tunes with Sisteroct 16 017oct 16 086

Therapy and watching TV while petting the cat

oct 16 021oct 16 026

A friend’s birthday party – so much fun!

oct 16 039oct 16 049

McDonald’s and hanging out with sister

oct 16 100oct 16 030oct 16 103

Joy loves fruit – I ran out on Friday. 

“Mama!  Apple!” she told me with great sorrow.  Saturday, after shopping, she was much happier.  It doesn’t help that she can open the fridge and help herself!  Smile

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