Sunday, October 30, 2011

Having fun this week!

Checking out what you can see with a flashlight!  Very cool!  Going for a walk with sister


Bubbles!!                                                           See our pumpkins?IMG_5320IMG_5335

Playing outside:  Her Atlas interpretation, Sliding and so pretty!IMG_5348IMG_5349IMG_5350

So cute!   Love a sleeping baby!     She spilled her popcorn on the floor and then she got down there and started blowing on it like she does with cotton balls – someone has had a lot of Speech!


Reading with sister


Our Neighbor’s Halloween Carnival

Our costumes                                                   Our neighbor was dressed as a great witch, but she was terrified – she crawled up into Jack’s lap and hid her face.  Poor thing!IMG_5389IMG_5390

Playing games and having fun!


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