Sunday, October 23, 2011

Joy’s Week

That is the app from Down Syndrome Education International.  We have the cards to do it on paper.  Joy did it that way, but this is so much cooler!  I like it!

Watching TV, reading books, swinging, dancing, and playing the viola

oct 24 001oct 24 012oct 24 005oct 24 038oct 24 106

Church Fall Festival – so fun (and I forgot my camera, oh, how could I?)  She was so cute.  Once she figured how how trunk or treating worked, she loved it!  Her little “ank you” was so cute!

oct 24 111oct 24 114

Trying to hook herself up to the vent like sister.                   Poor Joy – she gets hauled everywhere.  This is how I found her when we got home one afternoon.  She is belted, believe it or not.  She has just manipulated those belts till she could curl up in a ball and go to sleep.

 oct 24 115oct 24 121

She has learned to say sorry – “tar E” she says.  It’s so cute!

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