Sunday, May 13, 2012

Joy’s Week

Dentist on a Monday for Joy.  I actually took everyone – here they are watching TV, except Joy, who loves the ipad!.  Poor drugged Joy afterwards.  She had two fillings and a crown.


PT – is it any wonder why she loves Miss Lien?  They get to play for an hour every week!

may 13 032

Playing around with her sisters – Wii dancing and dolls!

may 13 035may 13 004

Joy took this mess and sorted it to this.  So proud of you Joy!

may 13 056may 13 057

may 13 082

This picture!  I love it!  Joy love hats – adores them!  And babies.  She loves those too.  She has been practicing how to say “cowboy” lately.

Nothing makes Joy happier than a quick “brown juice.”


Joy brought these home from school – so sweet

may 13 096may 13 097may 13 099

She sees Bella and Alex on this nap nanny all the time.  So she had to take her turn.

Her bear – she wanted him to wear pajamas so she could put him to bed.  You are pretty cute, my Joy!

may 13 101may 13 102

Saturday we drove up to the farm.  Grandma’s puppies are so cute!!


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