Sunday, July 10, 2011

Joy’s Week

Out to lunch                                                                         Cool shades

July 10 021IMG_3741

Feeding her baby                            Being so cute with her new backpack

IMG_3757July 10 022

Playing blocks with her sisters and cousin      Jammin to musicIMG_3766IMG_3768

Playing out in her house                   Hi world!


Therapy shots – OT with lines and curves from Handwriting Without Tears and learning to swing (the pump/pull motion) with PTIMG_3771IMG_3777IMG_3803


Joy’s new Stroller/Push Chair finally came in!  She is thrilled!!  Two thumbs up!!






School update: I sent in the request to have Joy tested so she can qualify for the PPCD program.  But I am so torn.  Her PT supervisor stopped by to update her goals.  She hasn’t seen her since school got out.  Her unsolicited statement?  “Wow  - Joy looks so happy and relaxed since school got out.”  Sigh!  My little sister thinks I should let the school try with her.  How I worry.  She copies everything!  How I stand, where I put my hands.  I have to remind her therapists all the time – you are touching your face because they are trying to figure out what she is doing.  She is a mirror to those around her.  What is school going to be like?  I don’t know.  I do know that we would like a new baby in this house in the next year or so.  Where is the best place for you Joy?  I want to do the right thing for you!

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