Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break

march 14 030


What is a girl to do when her sisters are taking forever trying on clothes?  Play ball – right in the middle of the floor. 

She loved this dog at Old Navy.  I need to get one.  Sounds much easier than a real dog!

march 14 032march 14 033march 20 018


This is Joy’s ultimate pleasure – watching Strawberry Shortcake with Strawberry Shortcake while drinking soda from Sonic!




Having fun at home, at the park, and at the Arboretum.

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Playing at Fireman’s Park and enjoying some ice cream.  This girl loves to swing and slide – no time for eating – I have to play!IMG_1940_1IMG_1951_1IMG_1961_1IMG_2222IMG_2033IMG_2106_1IMG_2138IMG_2021IMG_2156IMG_2208IMG_2251_1IMG_2323

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