Monday, November 15, 2010

Sweet Joy



Yeah for Cookie Dough!






I love Joy’s hair!  I just can’t bring myself to cut it.  The memory I have of Joy’s mother involves long hair.  Her hair was really long – probably to her waist.  I am attempting to French braid.  You would think after six girls, I could do this.  But, no.   I am learning on Joy.

nov 11 233nov 15 001

Joy loves to slide, but hates being dirty!  I thought this second picture was so funny!

nov 11 271nov 11 274

And this picture – I love it!!  Bella doesn’t/can’t eat regular food – but she LOVES tastes!  So if Joy goes in Bella’s room and she’s eating something, she gives Bella a “taste.”  It’s so sweet and they both love it.  She takes whatever it is, pushes it towards Bella, Bella sticks out her tongue, Joy places it on her tongue and then scraps downward a little (the taste), then takes the food back and eats it.  Everyone is happy!  I think it’s adorable!

nov 11 308

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