Thursday, December 06, 2007

Flat Head vs The Helmet

Today was our follow up appointment with the Pediatric Plastic Surgeon. We were visiting to see what to do about Joy's flat head. A lot of babies have a flat spot on the back on their head because of laying down on their backs. Joy's is from the middle of the back of her skull to her right ear. The left side of her skull is nicely rounded and the right side is at a 45 degree angle.
In August her forehead was protruding on her right side. Today there is marked improvement with her forehead. It still sticks out a little, but not bad.
What's bad is the back of her head. That is still the same.
So the recommendation is for a helmet to round out her skull.
The drawback to this wonderful device is it's cost. It's $4000 and it's considered cosmetic by insurance companies. So we should know by Monday if our insurance company will cover it or not. Sigh

Today's stats:
14 lb 4 oz
25 1/4 inches

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