Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Mysterious workings of God

We have been attending the PRIDE classes for the Texas Foster/Adopt program.

At first this felt like the right thing to do and as we have been attending we have been feeling more and more uneasy about it.  We were just unsure as to what course of action we needed to take in order to find our baby.

As we just posted, our baby has found us! not through Foster/Adopt but through Robin Steele and the State of California.

On Wednesday morning I was at the dentist and arrived at home around lunchtime.  as I grabbed some lunch we received a phone call.  Robin was on the phone and told me about a baby born in California the past Friday. 

I knew then in my heart that this was indeed our Joy, and we had found her.  To my frustration Shelly was not at home and did not have a cell phone to call her.

I called our social worker and had all the Home Study sent to California, then confirmed that California had received the papers.  They showed the papers to the Birth Parents and they agreed that they wanted to select us as the adoptive parents.

We have gone from questioning what needs to be done and what steps are next to getting ready to pick up our Joy!

The workings of God are mysterious indeed.

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