Friday, January 25, 2008

What is Joy doing now?

Joy is not sitting up by herself quite yet. (Despite what the pictures look like!)
She is still a wiggly little thing. She needs support. But she is doing SO well!
We are truly pleased with her efforts. Really, that's what it boils down to. She wants to sit up - yeah! Isn't that half the battle with anything? Everything from sitting up to gaining your own testimony starts with desire! And Joy has desire - yeah!

She loves food! She wants a bottle (6-8 oz) three times a day. But milk just doesn't cut it anymore. She also wants a jar of baby food with each of those bottles - there is a reason for those rolls! :) She is usually satisfied with a jar of Stage 2 baby food, but occasionally she'll look at me with a where-is-the-rest-of-it quizzical look. She is a very expressive little girl. My personal favorite baby food right now is Beech Nut. The texture is a bit more thickened than the Gerber. It's easier for us. (And it's just a little cheaper than Gerber - added bonus! :))

She has started bringing toys to her mouth - huge! She bonked her head the other day with a rattle and looked at me with such surprise. :) She just cracks me up! She has no teeth yet. I'm looking forward to that so we can start working on finger foods. I really want her to be able to sit, eat, and drink (from a sippy cup) by the time she's 18 months old so she (and the nursery leaders) can enjoy nursery! The therapist recommended we get a Nuby sippy cup. They have 2 - the $1 plastic ones you get everywhere and then a $2 one that has a softer spout. Yes, it is early for a sippy cup. But if we start getting her used to it, she'll be ready when it's time to use it. We put some water in it and put it in her mouth. She promptly chopped down on the spout and got a mouth full of water. She had no idea what to do with all of that water and it fell out of her mouth and all over her. :) I guess her bottles don't give her that much liquid all at once. All the things we learn.

:) We love this little girl so much!


CYNDI said...

Thank you for the update. She is doing really well! Mama says she has all these cute rolls. We love chubby babies. I am amazed at how well she is doing and growing.

Caleb T Ricks said...

She is amazing! I wish I was there to see her grow and change! You and Jason are doing a wonderful job of embracing her and everything she is and helping her to meet her goals and beyond. She truly is our JOY!