Thursday, February 21, 2008


Joy babbles!!!! All babies babble, right? Nope.
Babies with DS usually start babbling around 10 months - IF they babble.
And babbling is a very good indicator that the child will be verbal later in life!
Our therapist was telling me about one of her clients who is five and now talking. She was very excited - 5 years old and now talking???
Anyway, I think (I could be wrong)that Joy will be talking way before then. We'll see.

But.....she's babbling. She's making all the sounds she's supposed to - the vowels, the d, the g, the b, occasionally the m. She also says da-da!
She may be a little delayed on the normal charts, but she's ahead on the DS charts!
She is her own little human - and she's wonderful!

Our pictures today are of Joy gnawing on a pizza crust from Lizzy's 5th birthday and outside on her swing. Enjoy!

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