Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yearly Checkup

Poor baby Joy! What a traumatic visit!

Joy got 3 shots (the kind that burn). She got Heb A, Varicella, and MMR. After crying herself to sleep in my arms, they came in and tried to take blood. They tried and they tried. Poor baby. They have to do a thyroid test because she is one year and DS. Unfortunately, a thyroid test requires quite a bit of blood and Joy has no veins! They put the plastic band on her arm and poked around and gave up. Then they did the other arm - they found a tiny vein. I was so miserable (you can only imagine what Joy was experiencing) as they wiggled that needle all around inside her little arm. Ouch! They gave up there and went to her -------ankle! Ouch! They got the needle in and finally blood started to flow and then stopped. Joy is not a bleeder. They had to coax and coax that tube. Poor girl. Once I got her settled from that, they did a finger poke for the CBC. But the girl wouldn't bleed. We probably stood there for 5 minutes priming her poor finger.

To top it all off, they did a urinalysis and our sweet girl has all kinds of bad things floating in her urine. We are going to treat her for a bladder infection. We are going to go back to the doctor in 2 weeks. Depending on what the urine culture shows (it'll take a little more time), she may need to have her kidneys re-checked. Poor thing. I have been afraid of a UTI because her urine has been so potent. Now I know to act on my impressions.

Her vitals:
17 lb 12 oz -- So sad! We'll have to turn that big girl car seat around to rear facing.
27 inches long
In case you are wondering, that's 5% and 10% on the growth charts and 75% and 25% on the DS charts.

Around 9 months - yeah! Wahoo Joy!!!

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CYNDI said...

That sounds so miserable and so long! I am sorry. :(
How do they take a urine sample from a one year old? I don't imagine the request to pee in a cup penetrated very well. :) She is almost exactly the same size Andrew was when he was one. Michael is already 22 pounds, we'll see what a month brings. :) She is doing so well! Yea.