Monday, July 14, 2008

ECI Annual Review

Today was Joy's Annual Review. Every six months we figure out where she is and set new goals. Every year they do a new work up and set more goals. I am so grateful for our therapist. She is wonderful. I have so appreciated her knowledge and support!

These are Joy's DAYC Scores:
Cognitive 10 months
Communication 10 months
Social-Emotional 11 months
Physical 7 months
Adaptive Behavior 12 months

Yeah Joy!
Her therapist was so impressed with her scooting. She is moving so much more now. It's incredible!

Joy is standing against the ottoman now.

Here the girls have learned to hold their hands cupped so that Joy has to use her thumb and forefinger to pick up food. (instead of raking it into her fist and shoving it into her mouth :) ).

She has to get all the way to the piano!

We are to continue the ball therapies. They help her in so many ways.
We are to work on getting her to support weight on her feet/knees/hands without the help of her belly - so more of what you think of a crawling position.

Yeah Joy!!!

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Dolores said...

WOW she's doing really great!!! Lots of help there, it's wonderful!