Monday, August 04, 2008

New Therapy

Joy now has two therapists - Miss Carolyn and Miss Kari.

Miss Carolyn is our OT and Miss Kari is our Communications Teacher.


july 31 2.0 014

Miss Carolyn and Joy

july 31 2.0 016

Miss Carolyn is showing us how to put Joy over our legs so that she has to support her weight on her arms and knees.

 july 31 2.0 018

This crazy picture!  Lizzy got me paying close attention to therapy!

cats 008 

New day, new therapy.  Now we are learning about taking turns and words, signs, and songs!  Here Miss Kari is showing Joy on and off.  She LOVED the bells!!  It makes great noise!

cats 009

On and off, on and off

cats 014

Books - wonderful books.  Identification, words, and pointing (that's a new one!)

We also played games and sang songs.

Good thing therapy is so fun!!

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