Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All I Want For Christmas….

is my two front teeth!

Joy now has the right top front tooth.   Her bottom left tooth is breaking through!  That will bring us up to a grand…..3!

dec 23 004 

Crazy picture – but if you look, you can see her two teeth!


And then for the fun of it, pictures of Joy’s life…..

dec 23 007

Joy and Lizzy in the tub

And then these three, I was trying to get a good picture to send to Joy’s mother.  She wasn’t cooperating, but she liked the moose!

 dec 23 009 dec 23 015 dec 23 019

And then pictures with my family: Aunt Kathie

 dec 23 028

Uncle Jeremy with Joy and Michael. I really wanted to get that picture of Jeremy with Joy and Michael to compare it with this picture: Look how the cousins have grown!

 dec 23 047  image  

Daddy, Joy, and Grandpa

 dec 23 048

and JOY!

 dec 23 050

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Dolores said...

OH! She's just so adorable!!!