Saturday, January 10, 2009

Therapy and ENT

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Joy had communication therapy on Thursday.  She really enjoys that.  We worked on in and out, and making sounds.  The tub is filled with beans, lentils, and small pieces of pasta.  At first we were trying to get her to fill up a cup and then dump it out.  After that she got to put her feet into it.  She enjoyed that feeling! jan10 005 jan10 007

On Friday Joy had OT.  She is working on walking now.  She cruises beautifully.  It’s not getting up the confidence to actually walk.

She has went to the ENT this week.  She has very tiny ear canals – very typical for a little one with DS.  She failed her hearing test at the pediatrician.  The doctor said that the type of test they used at the pedi isn’t very accurate for people with itty-bitty ear canals.  So Joy will have a full blown, real hearing test on the 22nd.  I think she’s doing well.  She is talking and responding to noises, so they is more preventative than anything.

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Baileybuds said...

What a puddin' face! She's just so cute!