Friday, April 17, 2009


I can no longer put Joy to bed.  It’s probably stems from the fact that I’m not around when she wakes up in the morning.  She misses me and gets so sad.  I feel horrible when I see her face so clearly showing me her emotions.  She hides nothing.  When she is happy, she is totally happy.   When she is sad, she is totally sad.

Her Daddy puts her to bed every night now.  They have a story and rock together for a while.  Then he puts her in bed and tucks her in.  They have a routine.  He lays her down, then puts the ladybug blanket my Mom made on top of her.  Then he takes her favorite green blanket and places it on top of her.  He starts at her armpits and tucks while he says, “tuck, tuck.”  He works down her body tucking her in while saying “tuck, tuck.”

Last night as he was rocking her, Jason asked her if she was ready for bed.  She answered him by touching just under her arms near her arm pits and saying, “tuck, tuck.”    Ahhh…..

Watching her speech develop is so cute!

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