Monday, June 22, 2009

ECI Annual Review

Today was Joy’s annual review for ECI – all her therapies.

Joy is doing so well!  We made goals and set objectives for what we want her to accomplish over the next year.  June 1, 2010 she will lose ECI.  Probably around April, we will have her ARD with the school district.  Next year Joy will be in school!  Amazing to think about.

Joy will be going to play group starting in the Fall.  It is held once  a week for a few hours.  It will be a good opportunity for Joy to go somewhere with no family members.   She has to learn to go to others so her transition to school will be smooth.

In January we will add Speech therapy to her list of services.

Joy’s age equivalent scores:

Cognitive 16 months

Communication 12 months

Social-Emotional  20 months

Physical  13 months

Adaptive Behavior  16 months

Joy, you are doing so well!  We are so proud of you!!!

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Cammie Heflin said...

Good job Joy!