Saturday, July 18, 2009

Joy – therapy and into everything!

Joy’s OT/PT   She is practicing walking over things, rather than crawling.  She also played with the big ball – she likes that.  We worked on kicking the ball – she likes to use her hands and even her mouth, but her feet were the preferred object to use on the ball.  :)

july 18 077 july 18 080 july 18 085 july 18 086

Joy is busy!  She wasn’t this busy six months ago!  :)  She wants to help me with everything, including Bella’s trach care and putting her hands in my sterile water.  Oh well.  :)  Every time I turn around she has found something new to get into – cereal, popcorn kernels.  Seems like it’s time for some cabinet locks!  :)  Love ya Joy!

july 18 089 july 18 100

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