Sunday, November 29, 2009


Can we say obsessed?  In therapy we have been teaching Joy to jump.  And while she doesn’t quite have it down yet, she would like to “jump” 24 hours of every day!  She has the cutest sign for jump.  And if we don’t respond right away, she signs please and looks so cute!

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And then more fun pics of our girl. Swinging and her Thanksgiving feast.  At this point I just take her shirt off.  Bibs don’t work!

november 28th 033 november 28th 020

Joy is curious about this new tree – not to worry, all the breakable ornaments are high up on the tree.  Checking out the merry go round.

November 28th 051 November 28th 065 november 28th 114

With Bella as a sister, Joy is exposed to many things.  She likes to play with the nurses’ stethoscope.  She also knows when Bella’s vent is alarming that you just reach up and push a button and the noise stops.


Silly girl!

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