Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Joy’s Random Life

Joy is such a pretty girl.  I loved these pictures – her face is dirty in the one, but it is so good for her face.  I had to post it!  :)

IMG_0834 IMG_0944

Have I mentioned Joy LOVES and adores bread.  It’s a good thing she isn’t the one with Celiac Disease.  Pretending on the phone – another love of hers :)

 april 20 003 April 22 008

Bella’s paramedics are so sweet with Joy – they give her rides!  I pray this is the only way you EVER ride on one of these my baby.

april 20 016 april 20 018

I’ve mentioned it a million times before – but I love Joy’s hair.April 22 001 April 22 002 April 22 003  

Our latest accomplishments – drinking from an open cup!  WAHOO!  And then from therapy, sorting.

 April 22 030 April 22 031

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