Monday, September 13, 2010

More Pictures

september 12 010 IMG_7317

Joy has decided that Blue’s Clues is amazing!  She loves Steve!  And she has made up a sign for “Blue’s Clues” – two fists out in front, open and close in rapid succession.

IMG_7328 IMG_7330

We are having a little struggle with Joy.  When she gets overly tired or over-stimulated, she scratches and it really hurts!  She usually draws blood.  Usually it only happens at home, but she got a little boy at school today.  Nothing that I’ve tried so far has helped her understand that she is hurting people.  We’ve tried talking, explaining, using a mean voice to say NO!, time out – but when she’s tired or over stimmed, she’s not thinking -  just reacting to these crazy feelings in her body.  Have to figure this out – and hopefully quick!

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