Sunday, December 05, 2010

Loving and Living

Joy adores Bella

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Therapy this week – Our cousin, Marlissa, has spent the week with us.  Joy has been so good.  She makes sure that  Marlissa gets to participate – even to the point of stopping her favorite activities and insisting the therapists include Marlissa.  Very Sweet and very cute.

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We got a letter in the mail this week addressed to Lili Acun – that was Joy’s name before she was adopted.  I have never seen it spelled out.  She was Baby Girl A, and then she has been Joy since she was eight days old.  It just startled me to see that envelope.  It was the Ronald McDonald House that we stayed at in Pasadena asking for a donation.  It was just weird for me.

Sister’s soccer game – sisters and cousins are great therapists.  Learn to kick that ball – it’s hard work!

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The Pet Store

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Baskin Robbins – free cone for her half birthday!  She is 3 1/2 years old!December 5 210December 5 214

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