Sunday, April 10, 2011

Joy’s Week

Playing with her baby and on the swing set with her sistersApril 10 008April 10 013

Playing with Bella – how Joy loves her sister!!

April 10 027April 10 039

Joy headed into preschool – “Mom, are you coming?”  And the beautiful face I see in the morning.

April 10 052April 10 021

Learned more about the school sequence around here.  I talked with another mom I saw up at Girl Scout camp.  Her daughter is six and has the same zoning as us.  They went to the school that I have heard so much negative feedback about for PPCD.  She agreed with what everyone else has said.  She was very disappointed.  But then once she got to Kindergarten, she was sent to a school that I have heard very good feedback on.  What?  The impression the district ladies gave me was that she would be stuck at that less than ideal school till junior high.  No, just for PPCD.  Ahhh…..yea!  Just one more year.  I can figure something out for one year.  Yea!!  Good news!

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