Sunday, August 07, 2011

Joy’s Week

IMG_3990Becca, Joy’s oldest sister, has been out of town – and she called!!  Joy talked and talked and talked with her.  She has missed her so much.  She kept telling her “Ga-ga home.”  (Becca come home!)






Joy has had a croupy cough – no other symptoms.  Breathing treatments during PT, gotta love it!


The Children’s Museum – checking out the train gears


Pretending to be a vet


Driving a car, taking a temperature


She loved the fake bread!  (How many kids have had their mouths on that today – ick!)




Loved this picture – she enjoyed painting and afterwards we cleaned up.  Later we came back to the art room.   But this time she did everything on her own.  Got her paper, painted, and cleaned up.  She is so smart!  That’s Joy for you, though.  Show her something one time and she’ll do it by herself the next time.




Playing in the Water Works – and putting pieces together


I contacted the school about testing her for PPCD.  I will go up to the school on Monday or Tuesday to sign the authorizations for testing.  She won’t start school on August 22nd because they have 90 days to get all the testing, evaluating, and everything done.  Oh how I hope this is a good idea.  I hope.  I hope.  The structure will be good.  I hope there is more than just structure for her there, though.  We do structure here.   I hope it’s great for you baby girl!  Love ya Joy.

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